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Urgent London Doctors Services

At Urgent London Doctors we aim to provide high quality private healthcare services. Through our thorough understanding of the private healthcare sector and the various pathways its doors can open, we plan to coordinate this to provide you with excellent, personal, and effective medical care, all at a time that suits you.

Thanks to our established and ongoing relationships within London we have access to some of the best local medical facilities, consultants and specialists. Furthermore, our experience within this field means we are able to care for our patients in a transparent, confidential, compassionate and caring manner, whilst expertly but sensitively dealing with the financial implications of private healthcare.

Lab Analyses Tests

Thanks to our pathology service, lab analyses tests can be performed on site and without delay for all of our patients. Ultimately, this means our clinicians are able to access your results at a much faster rate than our competitors, providing speedy and effective treatment when necessary.

Imaging Scanning Services

Often radiological investigations and imaging scanning services are associated with breaks and fractures of the bone.

Critical Conditions

Working with our nursing team and pathology lab to diagnose, provide answers and confirm treatment for critical conditions, this service tackles issues ranging high bloody pressure to diabetes.

Allergies and Hay Fever Treatment

Allergies can be the bane of a sufferer’s life, and sometimes it feels like there’s no permanent solution to the problem.

ENT General Conditions

Approaching ENT general conditions with skill and expertise, at Urgent London Doctors our team of clinicians are fully trained in problems of the ear, nose and throat.

Flu Vaccinations

A virus that can strike up to 80% of the population at its peak, influenza is a debilitating and disruptive illness. Don’t let it catch you out. As the first medical services group to offer flu vaccinations outside of the NHS, we are committed to protecting all of our patients from the flu virus at Urgent london Doctors.

Urgent referrals for dental and oral care

Many competing practices are limited when it comes to dental and oral care, as their patients must be seen by a dentist before they can be considered for onward referral.

General Skin Disease

From eczema to dermatitis, psoriasis to acne; general skin disease can cause cosmetic and physical discomfort.

Back and Joint Pains

From musculoskeletal symptoms to osteoarthritis, the reasons for back and joint pains are as numerous as they are varied. At Urgent London Doctors we provide an assortment of services and clinics – including but not limited to orthopaedic studies and physiotherapy – to help tackle your aches and pains.

Tonsillitis, Sinusitis, Ear Infections

Often considered common illnesses in society, that doesn’t mean you need to suffer from tonsillitis, sinusitis and ear infections without consultation.

Women’s and Men’s Healthcare

Women’s and men’s healthcare can cover a wide variety of illness and injury, focusing on sexual dysfunction, gynaecology, urology and physiotherapy related symptoms and issues.

Health Screening

Many patients overlook the benefits of a routine check-up at their GP practice. Likewise, the value of a health screening assessment is often disregarded. Here at Urgent london Doctors, we provide a full range of health screening tests for individuals and businesses, helping to put your mind at rest before potential future complications arise.