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Health Screening

Many patients overlook the benefits of a routine check-up at their GP practice. Likewise, the value of a health screening assessment is often disregarded. Here at Urgent london Doctors, we provide a full range of health screening tests for individuals and businesses, helping to put your mind at rest before potential future complications arise.

Our clinics in London are fully equipped to deal with a large variety of health screening assessments. Using on-site facilities, thanks to this service we can diagnose illness and injury before physical symptoms take hold, or simply take preventative measures if something is likely to go wrong in the future.

Individual health screening assessments: The large majority of patients will benefit from a health screening assessment, even if it only serves to highlight minor lifestyle changes that need to be made. In more extreme cases, health screening assessments can help to reveal serious illness before it develops into a critical, sometimes life threatening condition. Whether you’re healthy or have a masked illness, a health screening assessment will help to put your mind at ease.

A typical health screening assessment includes: high cholesterol testing; blood pressure readings; diabetes testing; tests to diagnose liver and kidney diseases, lung disease, cardiac risk, bowel cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer; alongside other life-threatening illnesses. All tests are non-invasive, quick and designed to reveal some of the most common critical conditions suffered in the UK. And thanks to our in-house phlebotomy, pathology and radiology services, you won’t need to wait long for your results.

Urgent London Doctors also provide more thorough health screening assessments, using the latest technology and the upmost care. This includes: exercise standing and seated ECG cardiometry; audiometry and Keystone visual testing; general blood, thyroid and prostate profiles; smear tests; carotid duplex scans; coronary calcium scans; CT, MRI and x-ray scans; DEXA and bone density scans; mammograms; HIV and STD testing; and lots more. In many instances our competitors would have to refer you to a hospital or external clinic for these tests to be performed. Thanks to our extensive in-house technology, with Urgent London Doctors, that isn’t the case.

Health screening assessments are a private but cost-effective preventative treatment that could save lives. All patients are provided with a full report of their results. The cost starts at £160 for a one-hour consultation with a fully qualified doctor, and accept medical insurance.

The cost and delivery of laboratory analysis tests may vary so speak to a member of our team for more information.

The doctors and clinicians practising at Urgent London Doctors share many things in common. They are all fully qualified, skilled in their area of expertise, and available to help patients suffering from a wide variety of complaints. They are also all fully trained, qualified and registered with the General Medical Council and working alongside healthcare professionals who operate under the Nursing and Midwifery Council and other relevant bodies.

Committed to the development of services within the healthcare profession, every member of staff at Urgent London Doctors embraces new technology and medical advances. Our team of highly trained professionals are here to help – whatever time, whatever your complaint.

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